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Informationen über Ausfälle von ALEGrO werden auf der  ENTSO-E Transparenzplattform (ETP) sowie  JAO veröffentlicht.

13.07.2022 SIDC: Switch from 24 to 96 allocation gates in Intraday Continuous Trading on bidding zone borders between Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands
In October 2022, the Transmission System Operators Amprion, Elia and TenneT B.V. will adapt the configuration of Belgian-German and Belgian-Dutch borders in intraday continuous trading from 24 allocation gates to 96 allocation gates per day. This will allow cross-border trades in the intraday continuous trading platform to take place closer to real-time, and provides market parties with more time to update their position based on the latest generation and consumption forecasts, which is particularly important given the intermittent nature of renewables.
Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.
07.12.2020 Information on Intraday start
24.11.2020 Bitte beachten Sie den angepassten Markthochlauf „ALEGrO go-live approach“.
19.11.2020 Successful ALEGrO go-live
We have the pleasure to announce that the first day of commercial operation for the 1GW HVDC interconnector between Germany and Belgium was successful!
The capacity on the ALEGrO interconnector is being released in a stepwise manner to ensure a smooth integration in the meshed AC grid. For the first allocation date, 100 MW capacity was released in the Day Ahead timeframe for allocation via SDAC. The completely new “Evolved Flow Based” especially to integrate and optimize controllable DC-links into day-ahead Markets was successfully applied for the first day/time in practice after years of design, implementation and thorough testing. The link with the new methodology is a key contribution to further integrate European Electricity Markets and will lead to additional welfare gains in the CWE resp. Core-Region.
Please be reminded that since the completely new bidding zone border DE-BE and applied technologies for the HVDC interconnector , the capacities are going to be released in a stepwise manner to guarantee a smooth market integration. Once the provision of full Day-Ahead capacities has been reached, ID ATC capacities will be released as of 8th December. The allocation of monthly long term rights (FTR options) is foreseen to start in December for delivery January 2021. The first yearly products (FTR options) are foreseen for 2022.

Weitere Informationen zur Marktintegration sowie insbesondere zum externen Parallelbetrieb finden Sie hier.
13.11.2020 ALEGrO go-live confirmation: Following the successful commissioning and readiness of the IT systems, the go-live approach as communicated in the market message of 15/10/2020 will proceed as planned. The first day of commercial operation will be for business day 18/11/2020 (allocation day 17/11/2020). [CWE Flow-Based Market Coupling] ALEGrO confirmation go-live approach
15.10.2020 Gemeinsame Marktmitteilung der Elia und Amprion zum ALEGrO Go-live Termin.
7.9.2020 Gemeinsame Marktmitteilung der Elia und Amprion zum ALEGrO Go-live.
1.9.2020 JAO S.A. hat den Registrierungsprozess für den Gebotszonenübergang geöffnet.